Thursday, May 22, 2008

to day is....???

yeah to day is my birthday!!! yeah beday yg ke-20...da 19 taun da aku idop kt bumi ni...brpe byk amal da aku byk mse je disiesiekan...
hm...lasnite my father balik bwk piza...n today i buat apple pie...kecik2 comel!!!heh rugi acik n angah x de...hehehhe n my mom said sdp!!!weee 1st try da bjye cme pastry tu kne tka recipe cz too cm oily so agak muak ok not bad...i'll put da pic later..yuhuu
today sgt pnt...xtdo since 630...hahah pesal tah nk tdo p xleh..sbb pnt sgt pon pale tgh biol.pening....ngntok sgt...aku kalau ngantuk sgt mmg payah la nk tdo...
anyway wanna sleep now..tomorow hopeflly dpt kua dgn mbr2...hehehhe clbr8 my birthday may be...hehehe
hm n tomorow mom nk g sabah...hv job to be done...waa..mte da suku..pyh nk bkk da mengantuk...k r..nite all of you...
tnx to all my members yg igt my birthdate...yg wish..n to nad..tnx a lot dear..evn u jauh you ttp igt i...hahhaha

Monday, May 19, 2008


MAY person
Restless, Spendthrift, hardworking, High spirited, Deep feelings, Understanding, Easily angered, Sharp thoughts, Loves traveling, Easily consoled, Loves to dream, Weak breathing, Firm standpoint, Easily influenced, Strong physically, Good imagination, Strong clairvoyance, Good debating skills, Needs no motivation, Dislike being at home, Systematic (left brain), Not having many children, Stubborn and hard-hearted, Loves literature and the arts, Beautiful physically and mentally, Attracts others and loves attention, Strong-willed and highly motivated, Prone to sickness usually in the ear and neck

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first of all i would like to wish a very happy birthday to all my friend dat born on May...
2nd may-samihah mohd khayat a.k.a. in egypt and hopefully her dreams become true
3rd may-kariimah syafei a.k.a. abes m3x may Allah bless u..u very mish u gurl!!
5th may-siti aminah kamari a.k.a k.ct...huwa...lame tdak ketemu kamu n moga die sentiase chat slalu n bahagia hendaknye...
14th may-awang ilham awang keri a.k.a awang and syahidah roslan a.k.a matrx mate in JPP...tnx for support n sory cz xdtg matrx hr tu...
15th may-noor amalina mohd azam a.k.a amal...huh da lme giler tak jumpe de and tak tau de kt mne skrg p still contactvia YM...hehe trok sungguh aku...but till ow i still rmmber her birthday...
16th may-azlan hamzah a.k.a tutorial mate in matrx my besfren...mish spending tme together..std sesme..mkn sesme...hehe
18th may-amira husna armain a.k.a mira penyu and abdul hafiz mohd rehan a.k.a ndoque....mira..aku rndu nk tolak pale hang..hahahha ndoq menyepi...tatau latest number papehal pon happy birthday!!
23rd may-nur hidayah mohd khir a.k.a dayah...hope you'll be a good doctor..
25rd may-fatin amirah mohd ali a.k.a amer..hee aku sorg je pgl de camtu...hepi birthday to you my dear...n owso k.mili...heh naik sem t jumpe g...akn ku betandang ke bilik mu nnti...
n spe g eh???yg len tu x igt cowi...u know why i remember their birthday??cz i'm also born in this month..and guess when im born??heheh..
to all my fren happy birthday to you...

12:00 a.m.

aku...aku tgh buat ape eh skrg??ya aku tgh duk sendirian di pejabat jim.waiting my mom yg tengah aku online la kt bwh lepas melahap laksa johor...sungguh lame tidak mengadap laksa johor..berkurun dan bertahun jugak la..dan ya laksa td sgt DELICIOUS MARVELLOUS!!!hahaha cm xckp je satu polestrin tp xkn la nk amek lagi kan..adalah sgt tidak patut....

kenapakah aku terlalu skema mlm ini??sengaja?? atau kebetulan???yer sengaja kerana daku sgt pegi meronda-ronda blog2 member dan..akhirnye aku terjumpa blog khansa' and piah and tirah...sudah lame tidak ketemu mereka dan akhirnye br la ku tahu rupenye khansa' kt mesir...her parent,pcik rasyid n mcik zizah came to my home lasnite..igt nk trun jmpe tp aku mls dan sangat mengantuk...hehe aku hanya buat kan syai dan naik ke atas, solat dan tdo..

hm...sejuk sgt ni...huhu tp tah da terbeser aku xdehal r sejuk-sejuk ni...selg x trun salji kire okla kan..hahahha

ok r my mama da settle all her jpb..wanna stop..continue later hm tomorrow maybe...gonna chow
c ya!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

is it TRUE?? Do u belive dis??

What Ummu Hani Means

You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go your way.

And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries. You just hope for the best in life.

You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread your luck around a little to people who need it.

You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated.

You master any and all skills easily. You don't have to work hard for what you want.

You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way!

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.

Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.

Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.

You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.

You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.

You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hAppY m0tHer's day

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happy mother's day to my mom...dearest mom ever..da best mom i have..tnx a lot mama...n i love u sooo much!!!
the red one is my ibu

and also my ibu call her lasnite..n she's so happy hear my voice even she's in fever...i miss her too..even i spend just 3 days but i also love her..happy mother's day ibu...i miss ur dishes too..early 3rd sem i tried to going back to labis..

and i'm also not forget ibu Nani...she's take care of me since im baby till im in standard 6..i miss her..2 years xg raye umah de even dekat je umh..rndu sgt kt de...n love her so much!!

ive 3 mothers..n i love all of them very much!!!

i'm home already

akhirnye aku dkt umah jugak..da 3 hr im styed at home n feel quite bored cz nothing to do and i dunt feel to do anything..hahah..actually aku br je bgn tdo ni n ya sgt buhsan asek tdo jek..mne la my weight not increase..huhu..wanna tell u bout da last day at bkt jalil..

dat day i come late with mira,fa and wake up late nk g awl dgn iqbal cz ive noting to do.ive complited my work a day before...when i arrived there, most of them were surfing internet and did not do any job..some of them were chated each other..only k.chip n k.devi je yg tgh bz wat keje cz their game finished at last day of the derg kne siapkan jugak la on dat day cz we were need to combine the result and make a book..

so aku tgk cm buhsan sgt..aku ajak ela and rab kua..yuhuu actually drg ni tue setaun dr aku p da tebeser x pgl kakak..hihi..ktorg sna nk cr mesin ATM nk withdraw money..duit aku tgl singgit je...pgila kt stesen LRT Bukit Jalil tu..da bejalan agak jauh jugak..smpy sne xde nk xnk ktorg decide pgi Endah Parade..menggunakan kudrat kaki yg masih bleh bergerak ni..kami pon berjalan la kesana...mcm melintas KESAS highway jugakla perjalanan lalu bwh jmbtn...cne r nk imagine..pepndy r korg...silap x bwk camera je time uh...sesmpy sne tros withdraw duit..pgi toilet..ela+rab g bkk bju cz derg pky 2 lapis..then kami bejalan-jalan la di dlm carefour cr breakfast...aku n ela bli sushi n rab g bli roti...then we'll breakfast dulu br balik naik cab...da tgh hr..pns ..kudrat x mampu..heh byr rm4 je pon..

smpy ofis wat tatau jela..haha sgla plastik yg berbukti ktorg sorok..heh ala kalo citer pon derg xcye nye...sbb jauh guk r nk berjalan...aku g surf tenet jap tgk movie dgn ela..tbe iqbal megaco tpt aku so aku mls nk gado dgn de aku pon g r surau..tdo....hehe ngntok...2jm guk tdo..kol 4 derg kjot ajak g mkn...

dengan seramay yg mungkin..pgila berjalan untuk lunch..aku order abc..adeh besa gile p xde isi..hampeh je...da abes mkn..blk ofis bork2 glak2..patrick meghalau kami dr ofis..nk xnk keluar jela..dok kt tugu keris..tgkp2 gmbr..smpy mgrb..msk ofis blk...mis kelly ckp...our bos..kte x tayah g closing ceremony..ok xpe buhsan pon xde pe...

lps tu kami bertungkus lumus menyiapkan buku setebal 1rim A4...binding..compete between 2 mesin..kire wat 2 company r..spe plg cpt siap 1 buku...we need to make 27 books!!!plg cpt masa ialah 8 minit 27 saat!!!leh wat kedai r..kalah uncle kt SS..seri serdang...hahaha

abes wat wong suh g mkn la KFC berjamaah...meriah sgt..n hubungan kami sgt adik beradik..even kt data center tu aku plg muda tp aku la plg bising..hahahah..abes mkn smbung buat kje..smpy pkol 1130 sume buku da balik la sume...ble tah lg dpt jmpe derg ni...mas,raisho,k.ayu,ela,k.devi,k.chip,rab,abey,mirul,zaini,k.miza,k.sarah,safa,ro,kembar,k.ika n da geng....huhu kje dgn derg ni besh r...iqbal+zuey hr2 jmpe..kolej sme..hahah

ha ni lg satu..time tgh besh2 tgkp pic..dong!!!adeh..rab terhantuk benar..ya rab terhantuk keris...huhuh cian de..aku tulis ni cz abey psn suh tulis kt blog aku..haha
so dat nite blk awl..blk dgn keter bf k.ayu...amek gaji tros..dpt la duit cket..hehe.dat nite smpy je umah,aku sorg je br blk..n xlme patu k.ekin blk gk..nseb baikla x tunggu dak media..derg blk kol aku da slmt r tdo..tnpe mira..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

finished work!!!

yeah!!!ive finished my task!!!!sgt hepi wooo!!!
case closed for wheelchair aku akn melepak hr ni smpy la result table tennis then ill closed for table tennis result...yuhuu...esk tgl combine all together making 27 copies of book about 2 inches thick!!!!
today wake up late...xsda n sgt ngntok...till iqbal kjot..haha wat malu je kan...adeke kite yg kne kjut..biala..aku sgt pent n sgt ngntok actually...tu pon xlrt nk bgn...xpe2 t aku tdo jp 2jm..xckop tdo t aku demam plak...wuwuwu plik tp father like daughter...hehe

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

yahooo da abes!!!!

hr ni adalah hr rabu eh?? eh pe eh hr ni?adeh siyes da x igt hr..yela start kje kol 9 blk kol 11...bleh kte dok ofis je x nmpk matahari...penatnye..weh hr pe hr ni snanye??slepas usha hp btol r hr rabu!!! yeah another 2days..xlrt da..penat woo xckop rse cne pnt nye 2 weeks.hehe..
aku nye task will be submit tomorrow..task aku ialah key in result pingpong n tennis..tenis da abeh da.patot leh complete today and mmg da complete pon tgl print out je..published pon da..aku xlrt je nk print hr ni..pnt xmkn lg ni..sgt lapa!!sebbek la mr. wong nk blnje..xde r kua duit..heheh...smlm xsmpt nk bejoli2 sbb byk sgt kje nk abes satu dtg lg result br..adeh...tu yg nk pth tengkuk sonok r..byk r ilmu dpt...heh cre nk typing sumer...
tomorrow cm bes g dgn iqbal r pepg...slalu berdua je p kalo da org tumpang, msk jela..huhuhu cm bese r kne jd kuli de sket..da je bnde xpuas ati.nk ngutuk r mnde tah de..mslh mental ot..kekdg mls nk lyn aku syp je r..t de syp blk..p kalo tgh rjen nk bckp..lazer r blk..ssh pe..dtg je tpt aku da je bnde nk bebel..tpt org len xde r plak adeh...nk je aku sumbat kasut ni kt mulut memikir yg aku tumpang keter de everyday...xnk sena bek p ckp je xbelapik mls r nk skt ati..bia jer...
lg 2 hr je nk blk..xsba..pnt r weh..p blk t mak lak xde..adeh aku la yg kne la plak..p bek la aku msk dr bibik msk..aku msk sdp lg dr de..ish3 twok tol ngutuk bibik kt sni..cowi bik...
ble r mknn ni nk smpy..aku da ckop kebulur ni..tah npe hr ni sgt lapa n sgt pnt dr smlm..sbb x tdo ot..patu hr ni aku bgn awl dr bese.huhu da tu nk tdo iqbal lak ngaco ajak mkn..p sebek la aku mkn..kalo x mmg kebulur ni tdo xnk mndi..bkn bepeluh pon..dok dlm aircond..pnt nye...besh nye kalo da org urut an bdn ni..ilg sket sengal2...adeh...
kol 11 t br bus smpy..sungguh lmbt..adeh nek bus g,pnjt tangge, nk siap2 tdo g, hm bek aku g solat t blk tumbang je la tros...kepale ku yg penin...

Monday, May 5, 2008

HeCt!c tiReD aAaArGhHhH!!!

dush!! pnat giler r nk patah je pale aku ni mengadap pc hr ni..adeh pg msk ofis kol 9 p xde kje nk wat sbb aku da siapkan kje smlm tu mlmtd so task aku da abes on yesterday..lagi pun smlm match wheelchair tenis je n pingpong xstart kje aku just key in result utk tenis je la..xde la byk sgt pon..
hr aku tgk sinderella je..bkk fs.kol 2 result pinpong dtg dgn tenis..adeh mmg skt tenis update je pe yg aku da da siap da kje nk usha aku nye hasil keje leh view kt cni. ..aku wat data result tuk tenis and pingpong je..yg len org len la...ok bile result smpy by fax aku kne cmfm kn keputusan kt seketeriat teknikal or dkt org yg uruskan permainan tu tuk pastikan result yg aku dpt tu btul.da abes tu kne plak key in dlm pc.kalau yg table tu leh siap cpt, p kalu die bg chart...adeh skt pale r aku wat pingpong men open single dr kol 6 petang smpy 8 malam lbh guk r br siap...adeh mmg skt pale amek grafik lak nk kne lukis box n line..alter lg..nek patah tengkuk aku ni...kalau la ada org besh..huhuhuh ni da kol 10 pon xabes lg sna..byk lagi p aku xlrt da nk wat..rehat jap..mlepak jp kt blog ni..heh
nk wat chart mmg sgt serabot..p kalau da siap tu mmg proud r..pnt dowh..nmpk je sng p[ nk bg line tu lurus xde lebih2..same dgn box lg..dgn result yg kemetot kt bwh box..adeh mmg r...p sumer ni rse betape xbes nye kje..lg bes blaja..haha tbe rse cm xnk kje r..da pepg kne bgn awl blk lmbt plak uh..huhuhu pnt giler r..kalo stadi lepak je..hehe p sume r ni pglmn yg sgt besh r..ssh r nk dpt pglmn cni kalo kt sespe yg da pluang involved bend2 cni pgila..xrugi..mmg r pnat tp kite blaja cne nk dpt wit tu..hehe
k r weh aku nkl continue task yg belambak g uh...kne wat chart lg 4..mlm ni blk cmfm2 aku pengsan r atas tomorrow aku nk je suh iqbal g kol 10..pnt la..xckop tdo..hehe
lalalala hr2 kje lalala bosan dgn kerja haha lalala idop aku utk kerja uncle husin

aRt w0rK wee =)

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hApPineSs 0wez pAssIng ThroUgh oUr L!fe

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Puisi indah

Jikustik - Puisi

Aku yang pernah engkau kuatkan

Aku yang pernah kau bangkitkan

Aku yang pernah kau beri rasa

Saat ku terjaga

Hingga ku terlelap nanti

Selama itu aku akan selalu mengingatmu

Kapan lagi kutulis untukmu

Tulisan-tulisan indahku yang dulu

Pernah warnai dunia

Puisi terindah ku hanya untukmu

Mungkinkah kau kan kembali lagi

Menemaniku menulis lagi

Kita arungi bersama

Puisi terindahku hanya untukmu

>>recommended by ady and its very wonderfull song.. luv it much!!

lalala...hr² kerja..

haloo haloo...aku da lme x mengupdate blog aku nieh..for daily work dat ive done...

actually cuti da 1week start tp aku balik just for 5 daysonly then im back to UPM cz ive involved as volunteer for paralimpiat games.this even will be started from today 3 may till 9 may.
hr tu balik jap je pon dok umah,tgk tv n pe g eh aku wat??tahla ni nk cter bout dis game..dis game is for Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) snang ckp org cacat punye game la..standard de sme mcm sukma. so the participants are from all country in Malaysia. memcm jenis cacat da,dr OKU anggota,OKU penglihatan,OKU akal, OKU pendengaran,org kerdil smpy la org yg spastik(derg xleh urus diri mkn and mandi pon kne da org tolong). bila tgk mereka ni mmg trase sgt insaf,kesian dan proud with them...u know y?cz ALLAH has create us very perfect and complete.thanks to ALLAH's that give us His creation.
SYMPATHY???because they need US to help them to survive in their daily life..ya even they can do it by theirself but as human being we also need to help them to make their life easily.
PROUD???yes im very proud with them even derg ni x sesempurna kita derg ttp tabah hadapi dugaan hidup.btol la pepatah melayu "berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yang memikul".derg sanggup troskan hidup,hepi dengan hidup derg walaupon derg byk kekurgn tp kekrgn yg da tu tak membantutkn derg utk truskan hidup.pepg lg derg dah bersenam..KITE??heh berselimut lg ats katil...aku pon sme gukx..semangat derg nila yg ptot kite contohi...
ok back to my work..start from 28apr..dtg2 reg kt kolej 17 yg sesgt jauh..yg xbesh dat nite just taklimat and makan..patu balik tomorrow morning xde pape pon...taklimat sket,bg bju,divide into sacetariat, mkn and balik bilik..ahad tu dtg ptg je.dgr mr wong briefing about our job then going back.isnin kerja ku menggantung and memasang banner.....from 10am til 4 pm..then continue back start 9pm til 2am....huhu very hectic tired..tomorrow aku bgn kol 12 pm...huhuhuh...

y br start kje btol p xde pe sgt pon sbb game start tomorrow just badminton je strat hr ni...tonite da opening tgk opening jela kt stadium nasional ni..aku sepanjang sukan ni aku dok kt ofis je..kt data center..kje aku collect result from pinpong game and wheelchair tennis...huhuh t da stat kje cmfm xtdo nye r lelg hr2 akhir...nk wt result book...huhuh..p sume ni pglmn yg besh even awl2 sgt buhsan sbb xde kje..hheheh...
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