Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 month already

Alhamdulillah glad to Allah cz gv me opportunity to become part of MMSB family. Lotz of experience I get here after 3 month working here. Start on 2nd of may I will be transfer to kapar branch and conducting raw material as analyst. But I will missed all the moment and people at pj. Kak fiza, kak ayu, shika, anis, siti, dalina, ms nangie, ms ning, ms teh, liza, kak noor, angah, dan kak anes...they colored my life since I entered the door. However, I have kak kiah dat ive known before.

After this when im at kapar branch, there will no toll, no high petrol used and cut cost living. And I will responsible to send my sister to school every morning...yehuuu

Yesterday, done with farewell party with usrahmate kms. Sobs sobs sedeyh cz it was the last tyme we met each other. Mmg sebak sket semalam tapi tahan la dr nanges. Aku bab bab nanges mmg juara. Cengeng pape pon hopefully derang berjaya and teruskan wut eva yg derang dah buat sekarang ni...

So next sunday will be my company bowling tournament. Arghh nervous ok cz dah lame sangat tak main. Last main 2 years back...huhu takut bantai longkang kaw-kaw je...hehe yg menambahkan nervous sbb bos aku satu grup plak dengan aku kan...tak ke pergh naya....xperform leklok tak bes r...haha korang doakan la aku. Atleast no 3 pn jd r..hehe

Enough with this. Wait for another month kot for any update. If rajen telebeyh esk pon update je..haha
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