Monday, January 17, 2011

mooo mooo moooo

today lab session dairy industry was at cow farm....very exciting!!!!!
how beautiful this scenery!

when we arrived there, we feel the coziness of environment and beautiful scenery like at New Zealand...perhaps, milk advertisement usually held there... talk too much without tell you where is it huh? hahaha...ok we are still at UPM not New Zealand it's nearby the PLUS highway and SKVE highway, and the gate is right at the lebuh silikon exit..

When we arrived there, we have a talked by the staff at lecture room. He told us about cow, cow breed, milk yield per cow, cow's feed and cow disease. It was very excitement talked and we were enjoy the story. We also will have a chance to get the milk form cow's udder!!!! yeah...curious and excited!!
they take a rest at a nice and cool place

ok, let's look at the picture...I have a chance to feed milk to cattle and feed the cow with grass...despite, hehehe I let them suck and slurp my hand...when I pull out my hand, it is full with saliva...iyeewwww~~~

me feeding the cattle

next cattle...they seem very hungry!!! hungry he is...even they love to suck your hand

like this.....
see...he sucks my hand!!!
Wen Zhi's - Our Ms Madhu was sacrificing her hand to satisfy the cow's aftereffect needs! *Applause*

different type of cow are here...for your information, only female cow are producing milk...the black-white and brown-white cow is Friesian breed milk cows...


six cattle to be feed with cow's milk...the milk is still fresh and just been collected...

feed him together because very 'ganas' sebab lapar sangat....
one bottle per feed...twice a day..morning and evening

Shahril was feeding the cattle but scared if the cattle lick his hand..hahah
and at the back side you can see milk on the cattle's head..haha dat's me...bukan salah aku...die yang ganas sgt...

can't wait for next lab session...we will collect the milk through it's udder...and check the quality of the milk produced and examine udder condition...

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